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Calgary Pressure Washing/Soft Washing

Pressure washing and soft washing are very important in Calgary and the surrounding areas of the city. The winters bring extra dirt, gravel, and salt that needs to be cleaned away to prevent long-term damage to your property and landscaping. Wind is also a huge factor in Calgary areas, as it brings with it a lot of dust that settles on the exteriors and ledges of our homes and office buildings. Driveways and walkways can become very dusty and dirty. 

   Pressure Washing Services
Great for driveways and areas where extra dirt, gravel, and salt need to be cleaned away to prevent long-term damage to your property and landscaping.

  Soft Wash Services
Soft Washing is recommended for most home exteriors. Soft Washing allows us to scrub the facade with an eco-friendly product and limits the risk of damage to your home exterior.

Soft Washing allows us to use water-based products that are effective on dirt and grease and safe to use on all surfaces. It is also free of chlorinated solvents, phosphates, alcohol, ammonia, acids, or abrasives. It is safe for both the user and the environment. There is no VOC, so it does not harm air quality. Depending on your exterior material, we can also use a pure water system to softwash your exterior to leave it spot-free. This is especially important in dark exteriors and window frames. 

Pressure washing and soft washing are recommended in the spring so your home exterior will be gleaming and ready to be enjoyed as soon as patio season begins.  Pressure washing and soft washing services start at $175 for residential and commercial clients. We do offer package discounts when you need window cleaning, pressure washing, soft washing, and gutter cleaning, so please be sure to contact us for a free estimate.

Pressure Washing

Soft Washing

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We Help Make A Great First Impression

The exterior of our home or business is the first thing our guests or prospective clients see, so keeping these spaces clean and inviting can do wonders for how we feel about and how others feel about our space. In a commercial setting, there is no doubt that a good visual impression is part of what keeps clients coming back. And at home, when your decks have been pressure washed and your siding is clean, you will find it so much more enjoyable and relaxing to spend time with family and friends on your patio or in your yard. Clearview Cleaning will leave your property looking new and ready for the outdoor season, using either pressure washing or soft washing for your exterior spaces.

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