• It has not been an easy couple of months for us at Clearview Cleaning. Just like everyone else, we were unsure of how we were going to fare in this health pandemic.

    However, it appears as though the worst days are behind us now, and we hope and pray that it will prove to be the case for all of us! Our team is gradually picking up steam, receiving requests from both new and existing customers to have their windows cleaned.

    Here are some pictures from a few residential window cleaning jobs in the Calgary area we performed just a few days ago.

    Inside cleaning while respecting governmental restrictions and guidelines

    As mentioned in a previous post, we adhere to the safety measures and guidelines set forth by the government while performing our window cleaning duties.

    Please be assured of our commitment to your health and safety as we serve you. Please contact us for services at (403) 640-8943 or email us at [email protected]!