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    While we are not experts in infectious disease, we have been in business through the 2009 H1N1 Pandemic and other local flu outbreaks without becoming ill ourselves or spreading sickness to others.

    As written by Jonathan Tepperman, “Some of the irrational responses to the virus have begun impacting our lives and the economy in noxious ways, despite the fact that they may do nothing to fight the pandemic.”

    We are committed to complying with recommendations from WHO, CDC, Canada, Alberta, Calgary, and our local BBB with regard to flattening the curve while making every effort to make you, our valued client, feel comfortable and confident in using our services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    For clients with exterior window cleaning booked or if you are thinking of booking: we can maintain our usual level of service. Our annual contact with clients over years, and in some cases decades, have made us feel you are part of our treasured circle of friends and we want you to be safe and happy. We love visiting with you and catching up on your latest news. For now, we will be limiting personal contact out of concern for both you and our staff.

    How are we accomplishing this?

    We still find pride in providing the following exterior services: window cleaning, power washing, gutter cleaning, and snow removal.

    Exterior cleaning can be booked at no risk by:

    Stephen will email your invoice by mobile app. Then, we can accept payment from you by e-transfer.

    Estimates can also be provided through email or text if you want new or expanded exterior services.

    Handshakes and hugs will have to wait until the pandemic has passed.

    For those who prefer financial and business transactions without technology, please contact us for alternative invoicing and payment.

    Our staff wear gloves, facemasks, or other protective clothing if cleaning in an exterior area where the windows or doors are touched by others frequently. They wash their hands frequently with soap and water.

    If you have booked inside window cleaning or other interior cleaning or maintenance services and you have begun to feel ill or are self-quarantined, please let us know and we will be pleased to rebook your service with no extra charge or penalty on another day.

    For those in high risk groups: high density nursing homes, busy commercial areas, those who have traveled outside of Canada or to a high-risk area, we will not be providing indoor services during the outbreak. When the risk has passed or is minimized, please contact us and we will book you within a reasonable period of time.

    For those who are self-quarantined and have the ability to book, be invoiced, and pay electronically; we are happy to provide you with exterior cleaning service that will allow you to have a clear view of our eagerly anticipated Spring weather events: longer hours of sunlight, budding trees, returning birds, and greening grass under our beautiful blue Alberta skies. We hope this will help you to have a better outlook and improve your positive view for a quick and full recovery. Once you have had your Spring exterior window cleaning, we will be happy to provide you with complimentary touch-ups of your main view windows as long as you are self-quarantined as often as you wish and our schedule reasonably allows.

    Clean windows allow you to feel better about leaving your blinds and curtains open. Letting the sunshine in may kill dust-dwelling bacteria according to researchers at the University of Oregon and our grandmothers. From treating skin conditions to improving mood, sunlight has many benefits; let us help you Let the Sunshine In your home and business.

    Resources on your health

    For those who want advice on reasonable health precautions for themselves, please see:


    or web search:

    WHO Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) advice for the public

    For emergency COVID-19 situations locally dial 811, for other emergency situations dial 911.

    Locally, Alberta Health, the City of Calgary, and the government of Canada provide specific instructions about travel, when to self-quarantine, and how to access resources.

    We are a member of the Southern Alberta and East Kootenay BBB and as such are committed and required to communicate with our customers, suppliers, and staff honestly. If you have a concern about our business in any area, please feel free to reach out to us and we’ll make every effort to build our relationship with you in a respectful way.

    You have our best wishes for your continued health through this exceptional time. If you want more information about our personal life choices to ensure that we neither spread nor become sick from COVID19, absolutely feel free to ask us!

    Your friends and window cleaners,

    Stephen, Matt & Deanna Fraser and staff

    Clearview Cleaning Inc.