• Many of our clients tell us that they receive cold calls or even doorstep visits by window cleaners trying to get their businesses. While we recognize that we are in a competitive industry, we cannot underestimate the importance of having trained staff, liability insurance, and full WCB coverage. For the past 30 years, we have carried full insurance and WCB coverage to protect not only ourselves but also you as customers. The single most important part of our policy is that everything we work on or around is covered under our insurance policy.

    We are happy to provide a full copy of our Insurance Certificate and WCB coverage prior to commencement of any service we provide. Building trust is one of the things we do well.

    Ask your current Window Cleaner if they have full coverage. Then after they quickly tell you, “Yes,” ask to see a copy of their policy. Another factor to consider is what is covered in their policy. So you can ask to see in writing in their policy. Unfortunately, many misinformed insurance brokers tell their client that they have this coverage but when it comes time to file a claim, the insurer will inform them that the damaged item is excluded from coverage.

    If you’re ready for a company who you can trust and who cares about you, call us at 403-640-8943 for a free quote.


    Stephen Fraser – Owner, Clearview Cleaning Inc.