• The 5 Craziest Things Professional Window Cleaners Have Ever Seen

    January 24, 2017 | Blog | Aaron Adams
  • Hello everyone, things are a little slow for us window cleaners because we are in winter, and many people are hesitant to have their windows cleaned as they think summer and spring are better. Actually, many of us in Calgary have found that windows cleaned while the dust is dormant and sprinklers tend to stay cleaner longer than they do in the spring and summer months when the dust and windy & rainy days (typically in June and/or July) are back.

    Crazy Things Window Cleaners See

    what window cleaners see

    What window cleaners see. Illustration by Guy Billout

    Anyways, in this post we will share 5 crazy things that professional window cleaners have seen while on the job.

    1. One cleaner told about a time he was cleaning large panels of glass at an office that had not been cleaned for a long time: “When I had almost finished, one of the employees walked into the glass thinking there was nothing there, and broke his nose. It was funny and horrific at the same time. He was so embarrassed. I said to him: ‘That’s the best compliment you can give me.’”
    2. “One window cleaner looked through the windows of a conservatory to find the family’s pet dog in labor and giving birth to her litter. As no one was at home, he had to call them, advising them to make a speedy return home.”
    3. Window washer named Erik told The New Yorker that he’s caught quite a few workers slacking off at their cubicles: “I’d say that on 3 out of 10 computers that face windows, someone’s playing solitaire.” Oh, the tedium of cubicle life!
    4. One window washer gives a description to The Seattle Times about his trip down the rig on a medical tower, where a woman was undergoing a gynecological exam: “She and the doctor saw me and started laughing,” he says, shaking his head at the memory.
    5. A window cleaner recalls the incident that left him dazed and confused: “The only funny thing I recall happening to me when cleaning windows is the one time I walked into the bedroom of one of the teenagers. He and his brother were doing bong loads, with the mom downstairs completely clueless. They were like—please don’t tell our mom!”