• While the best time to clean your windows is in the spring and fall, winter window cleaning is essential as well. We have tools and expertise to clean them professionally, so you don’t have to worry about being outside in the cold yourself and having to deal with freezing temperatures or your cleaning fluids freezing. We will care for your cleaning needs while you are working from home or running errands. We have been in the business since 1998, and we strive to maintain our reputation as being fast, professional, and trustworthy.

    There are a number of steps to ensure we leave your windows clear and spotless, but let me share a few tips with you:

    • We squeegee windows starting at one top corner, then down the entire pane of glass.
    • We wipe the squeegee after each pass with a towel.
    • We dust windows and window sills before we spray cleaning fluid.
    • We use clean microfiber rags to dry windows and avoid leaving streaks.

    winter window cleaning calgaryWhy Clearview Window Cleaning?

    Why hire Clearview Window Cleaning for winter window cleaning? Anyone can clean windows, but not everyone can clean them well. The difference is in the finish – we don’t take short cuts. We don’t just clean the glass properly, we clean the whole window. We treat your windows and your home as if it were our own. Once you have experienced the quality of one of our cleans and the way it lets the beautiful sunshine in, we are sure you will never want anyone else to touch your windows again! We provide internal and external window cleaning, screen dusting and screen washing is also available.

    We provide cordial and professional service and competitive rates to all homeowners in the Calgary area. Please give us a call at (403)640-8943, email us at [email protected], or use the Contact Us form. We will be in touch shortly!