• Insurance and WCB coverage - Are They Important?

    Many of our clients tell us that they receive cold calls or even doorstep visits by window cleaners trying to get their businesses. While we recognize that we are in a competitive industry, we cannot underestimate the importance of having trained staff, liability insurance, and full WCB coverage. For the past 30 years, we have carried full insurance and WCB coverage to protect not only ourselves [...]

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    The 5 Craziest Things Professional Window Cleaners Have Ever Seen

    Hello everyone, things are a little slow for us window cleaners because we are in winter, and many people are hesitant to have their windows cleaned as they think summer and spring are better. Actually, many of us in Calgary have found that windows cleaned while the dust is dormant and sprinklers tend to stay cleaner longer than they do in the spring and summer months when the dust and windy &[...]

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    Window Cleaning in Winter

    While the best time to clean your windows is in the spring and fall, winter window cleaning is essential as well. We have tools and expertise to clean them professionally, so you don't have to worry about being outside in the cold yourself and having to deal with freezing temperatures or your cleaning fluids freezing. We will care for your cleaning needs while you are working from home or running [...]

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